Researchers have found a scary eagle in Australia and a giant penguin in New Zealand

Researchers have found a scary eagle in Australia and a giant penguin in New Zealand

Recent series of fossil discoveries in Australia and New Zealand, the land of the finest birds, shed light on the number of ancient animals.

Scientists have discovered the remains of a 25-million-year-old eagle near Lake Pinpa, off the coast of southern Australia. It is a collection of 63 fossil bones, forming part of its skeleton, a rare find from many angles: first by the number of organs and then by the remains of eagles. The discovery dates back to 2016, but the panel of archaeologists released a report this Monday, September 27, 2021 Historical biology .

Ellen Mather, the lead author of the report, says that the Archaehorax sylvestris or Old Wolf had 15 centimeters of wings. Not impressive in size, but it is the largest species identified in Australia and the raptor is no less powerful in its behavior. With a terrifying foot of 15 centimeters, it was able to stab enemies or colas, one of Oligocene’s most powerful predators, according to “Hieroglyphic Biology”. It is related to the wedge-tailed eagle and appears to belong to a separate branch of the eagle family. Professor Trevor Worthy told the BBC: “This is the most amazing fossil ever discovered.

A penguin belonging to the Oligocene

In New Zealand, it is a giant penguin that has been reconstructed after fifteen years of research, according to a report in the journal Spine Archeology. “Science and the Future”. This is again a sample of oligosine. Kairu Veverova is about 5 feet tall and has large, long legs. New Zealand is known for the importance of ornitho-paleontological discoveries: researchers have already identified a one-meter-tall parrot, a three-meter-wide eagle and a nearly two-meter penguin. This is the country of Moa, this Pleistocene bird disappeared only in the 18th century, it is the largest in the world because it weighs up to 250 kg, so did not fly.

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