MLP – National League: The Braves continue to win the 4th division title

MLP - National League: The Braves continue to win the 4th division title

Iron Anderson dominated the Matt, attacking George Soler and Austin Riley Homers, the Atlanta Braves finished the Philadelphia Phillies with a 5th win and won their fourth National League East Division title.

This is the Braves’ 21st Division Championship since moving from Milwaukee to Atlanta in 1966.

Solar hit Homer’s first hitter of his career, extending his hands for the 26th time this season against Kyle Gibson (4-6).

Riley added arguments in his impossibility attempt for the national MVP title with his 33rd Homer in fourth place. He brought another single to 5-0 in the fifth.

It was enough for Anderson (9-5) to allow an innings and close the Billies for six innings before Andrew McCutcheon’s two runs fell victim to Homer.

The Giants were not slow in their victory in the West

Lamonde Wade Jr. made a single difference with goals scored at the bottom of the ninth inning and the San Francisco Giants beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-4 to lead the Los Angeles Dodgers in the top two games of the Western Division Levels.

Despite the Dodgers’ victory, it was the sixth consecutive victory for the Giants, who have gone one step further for their first Western Division title since 2012.

The Diamondbacks took the lead with three runners at first, but the Giants equalized with four runs in the first five innings.

The balance lasted until the ninth, when Wilmer Flores’ double-filled giants filled in and walked to Donovan Solano and Kurt Casalli. Wade hit a straight field single and pushed back-up runner Steven Dugar to the home plate with a successful run.

The Giants will welcome Patres for a three-game series to end the regular season.

Wipe the Dodgers Patress and keep the pulse

The Los Angeles Dodgers scored five home runs to complete a San Diego Patres sweep with an 8-3 win, their fourth consecutive win.

Corey Caesar hit two long balls and Mookie Bets, Justin Turner and AJ Pollock added one each. Caesar also scored a double.

At the loss, Fernando Tottis Jr. reached the national league peak of his 42nd home season. The young miracle threw 467 feet into the bleachers of the left field.

Ha-seong Kim stretched out his hands for Patrus.

The Dodgers will end their season with a three-game series against the Milwaukee Brewers this weekend at the Dodgers Stadium.

Elsewhere in the National League

Brewers 3 – Cardinals 4
Dosant : Tyrone Taylor has three wins in multiple appearances.
STL : Dylan Carlson scored two home runs and the cards won after watching their winning series on Wednesday 17th.

Cubs 9 – Pirates 0
CHC : Sergio Alcondara produced three runs and he had three wins, including a Homer.
PIT : Tough evening for Miguel Yajoure, who gave up 7 wins and 7 runs in two innings of work.

Marlins 3 – Meeting12
My : Louis Prinsen hits Homer with two runs.
NYM : Pete Alonso scored two home runs and Francisco Lindor himself won a big slam.

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