How to hide WhatsApp’s “online”: Reveal the right trick

How to hide WhatsApp's "online": Reveal the right trick

Share It has undergone various changes to improve the service that unites more than 2,000 million customers worldwide. Be aware that Telegraph It is growing more and more and is being held as a strong competition, officials said They are evaluating the possibility of hiding the cell phone’s “online” to send chat and messages without knowing any contact.. Nevertheless, There is a perfect trick to pull.

The US company works to meet the preferences and expectations of users who demand greater security and privacy in the data, messages, photos and videos they share; And in applications and tools. One of the requests made “Online” can be hidden, giving each person a kind of “relaxation” detail, so others can open the application without being able to control it.

What is true Share Although there is a way to implement it, no such functionality has been released yet. How? You can hide the “online” link as follows: Contact ban. For this You must go to the “More” option, then “Block”. As soon as this happened, The user can no longer see your photo or the messages he sent will not reach you. Even what he sent you will not reach him.

WhatsApp can hide the “online” feature.

Bad news for following this advice It may be suspicious of a restricted contact because it cannot send you any kind of messages or files, and it cannot invite you through the app. For now, to find a better alternative, we have to wait Share Improve your service.

How to leave WhatsApp group unnoticed

You can leave a WhatsApp group without notifying other members The situation can be implemented with the same functions that the application provides, so there is no need to download another application. Only You have to follow two very simple functions It will undoubtedly make the lives of many people easier.

Disable notifications

To silence notifications, you must first Enter the WhatsApp group you want to exit. Once there, you need to open it Settings menu Located in the upper right corner of the screen. When the menu appears, Select the “Group Info” window. At that point, you have a choice Select the “Disable notifications” and “Always” option. Then you have to go back to the Team Info tab and open it Custom notification menu, activate them. In the same menu, search for Buttons Notifications and Alerts o Use high priority notifications and disable enabled.

Archive the WhatsApp group

  • On the Home tab, tap the group dialog you want to archive.

  • In the top menu, select the “Chat Archive” option.

  • To remove the archived chat menu from the Start window, go to the Settings menu and disable the Keep archived chat option.

Once the steps of both activities are completed, notifications from the selected group will no longer reach you, or you will no longer see them between your chats. That’s a good way to leave a group You do not have to experience the stress of having to explain why you left the group. This is best in the same way because all of these steps are there Reversible.

What are the cell phones that WhatsApp will stop working from November 2021

With the advent of the new version 2.21.4 Share, Serial cell phone models will automatically become obsolete. Samsung. Anyway, It also affects companies like Alcatel, Huawei And Sony, Among others. This restriction will take effect from November 1, Does not support global and new updates.

  • Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite.
  • Samsung Galaxy Core.
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.
  • Samsung Galaxy SII.
  • Alcatel One Touch Evo7.
  • Sony Xperia Miro.
  • Sony Xperia Neo L.
  • Sony Xperia Arc S.
  • Hawaii Ascent d.
  • Hawaii Quad XL.
  • Huawei Ascend D1.
  • Hawaii Quad XL.
  • Huawei Ascend P1 S.

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