Facebook: How to view your contacts’ stories without them knowing | Android | Apple | iOS | IPhone | Technology Applications | nnda | nnni | Technology

Facebook: How to view your contacts' stories without them knowing |  Android |  Apple |  iOS |  IPhone |  Technology Applications |  nnda |  nnni |  Technology

A social network that sells photos, texts, news links, sells products, broadcasts live or chats with your contacts. Over time, new options have been added, one of which allows you to create stories. This time we will teach you a new trick so that you can see the status of your friends or customers without them knowing.

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It is necessary to make it clear that this method only works from Android mobile or iPhone, it will not have any effect if you browse on computer or laptop. In addition, Facebook Unlike WhatsApp or Instagram, this is not a tool to view stories anonymously.

Watching stories anonymously

  • First, enter Facebook
  • Go to the top where the stories are located.
  • Now, enable airplane mode on your computer to lose all internet connections.
  • Then, press the contact history of a contact you want to see, but if you have uploaded too many, you can only see the first one, even if you repeat the trick.
  • While running in the background, the next step is to close the application.
  • Finally, disable airplane mode and open Facebook.
  • As you can appreciate, the story seems unseen. Did you?

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Do you have a problem Facebook And need to fix it? Click And follow the steps to troubleshoot the application. In the meantime, if you would like to report Facebook Messenger violations or other conversations, please click on the following . Shake your smartphone and report the problem.

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