Vladimir Guerrero steps down from the Junior Triple Crown

Vladimir Guerrero steps down from the Junior Triple Crown

The chances of Vladimir Guerrero winning the junior triple crown are dwindling with each match. In fact, he is currently in (very) bad condition, he has not won in Minnesota since September 23rd.

As of today, there is no precedent for the Junior Triple Crown title. His batting average has dropped to 313, he is 13 RBIs behind and a native of Salvador Perez.

Besides, here he is, his 47th in Perez.

Guerrero Jr. did not choose the moment to experience hiccups. Her team is fighting for a playoff spot and she believes they need an MVP rival.

Jayce counts a list with a lot of depth, but without Guerrero Jr. at his best, it would be hard to attack the playoffs. Is he out of juice? He only missed one game this season. Fatigue may have occurred.

The MVP title is still in his grasp, but in five games, I have not seen how the Toronto player can make at least 13 points (and no other pioneers). It is still within reach of the leaders of the rounds and the batting average.

While these two topics are in his grasp, Vladi focuses on only one thing: helping his team make the playoffs.

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