The spacecraft of the Virgin Galactic was again destroyed

The Virgin galaxy spacecraft landed in July after a serious incident was revealed during its first flight.

The Virgin Galactic space shuttle was re-authorized to fly on Wednesday, after completing an investigation into an incident in July, during a flight into space carrying the company’s founder, billionaire Richard Branson. The U.S. Civil Aviation Authority (FAA) announced that it had “completed” the investigation after asking the company to make some changes.

“Virgin Galactic has made the necessary changes and can resume flight operations,” the FAA said in a statement. In early September, he slammed the company’s ship to the ground during interrogation. The move came the day after an article in The New Yorker reported that security alerts had been activated during the theft.

On July 11, Britain’s Richard Branson became the first millionaire to go into space on a private company ship. But despite Virgin Galactic’s assurance at the time that everything had gone as planned, the engine deviated from its path and flew for some time outside the space dedicated to the mission. The U.S. regulator said Wednesday that the company had “failed to notify the FAA of the request.”

Next flight in October

Virgin Galactic has been cited for its role in a separate press release plan to change its practices to ensure “real-time” communications with the FAA during future missions. Dedicated space for future flights will also be extended, allowing the spacecraft to remain “a large protected airspace for a variety of possible air routes”.

“We appreciate the FAA’s thorough review,” Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglacier said in a statement. “Our test flight program is precisely designed to improve our practices,” he argued. The next space flight of the Virgin Galactic is scheduled to take place from mid-October. It should be dedicated to scientific research.

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