The genius of Vincent van Gogh in a wonderful exhibition

Expérience immersive Van Gogh: Nuit étoilée sur le Rhône

The editorial staff invites you to explore the world of Van Gogh in central London. Perfect opportunity to marvel when revisiting its classics.

No need to introduce Vincent van Gogh. This 19th-century Dutch painter leaves an essential note in art today, many masterpieces. Exhibition Van Gogh: Deep experience, Located on the brick path, allows the work of this great name of painting to return to its original form.

Look at a famous artist

The first room of the exhibition is presented to us, crossing a hall with self-portraits of the artist and climbing the stairs. Until then, its format is classic: it features a remake of Van Gogh’s masterpiece and a famous analysis video Star night. These visual aids are with texts that immerse us back into the artist’s history and inspirations. We learned many facts about the 19th century painter, who produced more than twenty works in 37 years. For example, did you know he is color blind?

Van Gogh Exhibition Hall: A wonderful experience

The artist is known for his relationship with Paul Cago, as well as for his torture genius, which is evident through the exhibition. For an hour, this experience allows us to remember the most beautiful masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh and his particular style that made him the leader of post-Impressionism. The rooms have no windows and the black walls are lit by spotlights, creating a feeling of complete immersion in the painter’s world. Except to taste the view Iris, Cafe terrace in the evening Where Sunflower, We learn new things about the world famous man without getting bored. The information is not boring and the amount of text provided is perfectly balanced.

A real deep endeavor

Color paintings of Van Gogh's works by young women during the exhibition

But the main asset of this exhibition is its undeniable originality. Whether you are a fan of Vincent van Gogh or an enthusiast, this in-depth experience is worth the detour. From the second room, we see compositions that give life to the artist’s work. After descending the stairs, visitors are invited to participate because an entire room is dedicated to the coloring of the artist’s famous works. All the colorful results are lined up on the white walls; At the same time, young and old alike are busy at the desks, creating the best reproduction of works.

The highlight of the show is reached in the last room, which immediately causes surprise on the faces of all the spectators. The large room is immersed in the world of the artist, and a picture on all the walls enlivens his work. The lights line the walls and floor, while the black ceiling is adorned with small spotlights: a real star night recreated. The slide show retreats by mobilizing all the emotions, the artist’s times, his best achievements and his inspirations. Visitors sit on the floor or in seats provided for this purpose and enjoy a world outside of time, except for 360 immersion. Star night It is too late, but at the end of the presentation, its bright colors illuminate the room; It is one of the most beautiful compositions of Depuci, Reverie.

Highlights of the show during the exhibition: The immersed room

Useful information

The exhibition has been taking place on 106 Commercial Street in E1 District since July 2021. It is therefore located between the brick alley and the shortditch, and is therefore connected by several public transport. Open every day of the week and is open to visitors of all ages for approximately 1 hour to 1 hour. Ticket booking on the exhibition website is free. Reservations can be made for 19.9. It is important to note that the experience is somewhat wheelchair accessible as the top floor cannot be reached. However, the information in question is available online and in paper form.

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