The French post work is coming to Admiral Godrington

Le pub restaurant Admiral Codrington à Londres dans le quartier de Chelsea

The best classic of British culture, the unofficial of business life: we openly talk about holiness (why be afraid of words!) Then work. Teams Frogs, Led by Tim and Cecil, you have now found the perfect headquarters to make the most of it.

After work, you know? This is how Londoners share a beer, a glass of wine or a cocktail at the end of their working day in British brackets. So now in the center of our beloved district of South Kensington, it’s time for the Frenzy Edition. Find your co-workers in a world other than the office or meeting place.

Back work: A widespread phenomenon across the channel

You have not already noticed the large crowd of workers in front of or in front of bars and pubs to share pints. The goal is to minimize the transition between work and relaxation. Distract, relax and take part in the day. For a moment, halfway between “pro” and personal life. A gateway to bonding with your work team, building new relationships and why not join your friends.

This is a pleasant place to meet and meet new people in a friendly place. Easy to feel the opportunity to discuss without being deaf center.

Mark your calendars and record your next job

Come and travel with Admiral Godrington and Raffles, who will head this pub-restaurant from October 6, 5pm, to March 2019. A real “garden bar”, created in 1838, is one of the oldest companies in Chelsea. The event is free for everyone.

Reduction of consumption allotted to members of frogs in the London community

Rafal, the site manager, is delighted to welcome this first post. It is reserved for all holders App Frogs in London Nice cut in drinks, but also on the restaurant menu. Example: 2 cocktails for 12

Admiral Godrington

Just a few minutes walk from South Kensington Pipeline

17 Mosop St., London SW3 2LY

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