New big hint about Damien Lillard’s future?

damian lillard s'en prend aux médias

During the long summer, Damien Lillard Blazers was announced to be leaving. Eventually, he was motivated by the thought of winning a title and decided to stay. His last sentence says a lot about his future.

Since coming to Oregon, Damien Lillard There is only one goal: to win the ring. Unfortunately, all of his attempts failed. Whose fault is this? Sometimes for questionable coaches, but not particularly on the list. No matter how strong he is, Dame cannot carry a full staff on his own.

This year, the Blazers have refused to make any major changes. The group believes in the performance of CJ McCullum or Joseph Nargik. Not forgetting the contribution of Sanchi Phillips on the bench, the two should do everything they can to bring good results together. Otherwise, departure from Lillard should return quickly.

The star will be too Priority exemption in case of departure, But will he go one step further? So far nothing has been done. We know he thought about his future, but Gianni Antodocounbo may have helped him. In fact, ideas were apparently given to a few, including Lillard, to see him win a title with Freak Milwaukee.

During her interview, Dame wanted to see the comments made by The Athlete and Jason Quick Giannis Obviously win for the rest of his life. One reason to trust him:

I just sat there and I did it. How I see it: We can succeed in doing that.

Will you always succeed with his entitlement? Yes it is possible. Giannis did it and now others dream of following him, however it will not be easy. But for Lillard, especially after these rumors, it is certain that he will probably stay:

I was still convinced we could win a title. Sometimes it comes at a completely unexpected time. We do not know.

The success of Giannis Antedogounbo in Bucks allowed the stars to dream, although nothing in the NBA was easy. Damien Lillard wants to know the same fate and is sure to give himself a way out by staying in Portland. A win in Oregon.

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