Georgia comments on suspension of visa-free rule with EU: Politics: World:

Georgia comments on suspension of visa-free rule with EU: Politics: World:

Georgia’s Foreign Minister David Salkaliyani has commented on reports that several European Union (EU) countries are discussing ending visa-free rule for citizens of some states, including Georgia. His words suggest RIA Novosti.

“I know our enemies are very excited. It’s unbelievable when the enemies are happy about the country’s defeat. But I want to deceive them. I want to say this is a big lie,” Jalkaliani denied. Fulfills his duties honestly.

Discussion on this topic at the European level was previously reported by EUobserver. According to him, countries such as France, Germany and Italy have begun to discuss ways to end the visa-free regime for residents of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and the Balkans. This is due to massive violations of the Migration Act.

The visa-free rule between Georgia and the European Union has been in effect since 2017.

In July, the Georgian Parliament Wanted Introduce a large fine for insulting official EU flags hung near the buildings of government agencies, international organizations and embassies in other states.

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