Fossils of eagle species not found in Australia

Fossils of eagle species not found in Australia

The only known representative of this species, named Archaeological Sylvestris, Lived about 25 million years ago, and lived in the middle of the rainforest.

Fossil eagle bone is rare to find. The excavation of a skeleton that unites 67 bones of a raptor that lived 25 million years ago, and more unknown species, is something that will delight archaeologists with the appearance of the find.

“Having most of the skeletons is very exciting, especially considering its age.”One of the team members, Trevor Worthy, told a news conference: Quoted BBC.

His team from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, discovered a fossil skeleton on the edge of Lake Pinba, a dry salt lake in the desert of southern Australia.

The short wings are suitable for forest environment

Their discovery was published in the press on September 27th Historical biology. Named Archaeological SylvestrisThe new species reveals traits that suggest to researchers that they are individuals “Suitable for hunting and flying in forests with short and sturdy wings, long legs and large wings.”, Indicates BBC.

At the time of the British Channel Oligocene, South Australia was far from the desert, but rather covered by tropical forests. According to the authors, the raptor – its foot should not be less than six inches – was a feast for marsupials, ducks and flamingos.


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