Rajan Rondo Russell Cash for his beef with Westbrook!

Rajon Rondo réagit à l'embrouille de son frère... et incrimine Westbrook

Rajan Rondo, who returned to the Lakers this season, was able to find new squads, including Russell Westbrook. We need to know that there was a responsibility for both men in the playoffs, especially a few years ago. The former Celtic was right on this point.

In the summer recruitment for lockers, Rajon Rondo delights many. We know how precious he is for the title in the Orlando bubble, and it was noticed he left last year. But the leader wanted a good deal, which he deserved after the title was purchased in the City of Angels. But now, after a season, he is already back.

This is good news for owners, especially the bench. Rondo will be the replacement, while Russell will start according to the latest information from Westbrook Athletic. Surprising is not enough, even if we count 2 unexpected players in the opening 5. The advantage is that Frank Vogel can tinker with the relatively rich list.

While waiting to see more, this is especially the case with Rondo /Westbrook It is of interest to us. The two men already know each other because there have been some problems in the past. Words were exchanged, and many gestures passed. To do this, for example, let’s go over this passage in the bubble.

So inevitably, some people wonder if two men can set aside their differences? The answer to Rondo is yes. Very quickly, the leader wanted to clarify the situation:

Rondo quickly dismissed any comments about tensions with Westbrook over their bubble incident. He noted that he had a problem with Russ’s brother, and that he always enjoyed confronting him: “He is trying to destroy me. Similarly, I am trying to destroy it.”

Simple rivalry between Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo will set it aside this season, for the benefit of the Lakers. This is good news for the owner who is not expecting any drama during this long training. However, it was not won.

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