LeBron’s Giga-Punchline with Russell Westbrook

NBA La nouvelle coupe de cheveux WTF de Westbrook

At Taper’s first day training camp, LeBron James Russell was invited to answer a number of questions about his new association with Westbrook. All we can say is, the king gave the press something to grind!

Since the blockbuster business was officially launched on August 6, the entire league (in practice) has only been talking about it. Deviation of guides, Russell Westbrook He will be sharing the ground floor with Anthony Davis and LeBron James this season. This is the last, Who was immediately delighted at the news of his arrival, On Tuesday, on the eve of Media Day, he revealed what he expects from his new star team.

We need Russ to play like Russ.

If the King and Lockers front office has a profile of Prodi Their enhanced “Battle Room”, It is true for him to play the game he has been making for years on the NBA floors. To win the point guard at Los Angeles, LeBron tries to make him as comfortable as possible. As he told reporters, he made his integration there a personal matter.

LeBron with Russell Westbrook: “We’ve stuck with each other since we appointed him.”

Staying off the field is one thing to ensure the well-being of Russ West. Ensuring Angelino fans are undoubtedly on the ground is another. In this little game, LeBron James Assures him that he will have no difficulty in facing the challenge.

“I will always find a solution,” LeBron said as he finds a match with Russell Westbrook.

The most slanderous Cavaliers can remind him that Isaiah Thomas failed to deny his punchline.

As the regular winner at the dawn of a new season, LeBron James promises that he and Russell Westbrook will find a solution to not trampling each other in the Lakers. Field response within a month!

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