Kosovo boils, Bosnia disintegrates

Kosovo boils, Bosnia disintegrates


Serbian political leader Milorad Dodik has said that the Serbian company (Republika Srpska) is moving away from general security policy (AP photo / Laszlo Baloc).

Belgrade. The Kosovo International Security Assistance Force (KFOR) has stepped up patrols along the Serbia-Kosovo border. At the same time, Bosnia’s disintegration tendencies intensified, following the announcement by the Bosnian Serbian leader that the Serbs would no longer join the joint Bosnian army.

In Kosovo, there is controversy over whether or not Belgrade’s sovereignty was recognized by Belgrade. Serbia has not yet recognized Kosovo’s independence and is asking drivers entering Kosovo to obtain temporary Serbian license plates. Pristina began to demand it from drivers entering Kosovo with Serbian license plates, which provoked outrage among Kosovo Serbs.

During the force show, a Serbian plane flew over the border, while the army began training. The Kosovo-based International Security Assistance Force (KFOR), with about 5,000 troops, rushed to the border. .

Meanwhile, Milorad Dodik, Serbian political leader in Bosnia, said the Serbian company (Republika Serbska) was withdrawing its approval from the joint Bosnian Serb (Croatian, Croatian and Muslim-Serb) agreement.

Bosnian Serbs, backed by Russia and China, are demanding the abolition of the post of high commissioner to Bosnia, which has been held since July by Croatian-born Christian Christian Democrat Christian Smith. Former High Commissioner Valentin Insco used the powers of his office to deny the genocide accepted by many Bosnian Serbs and began the Bosnian Serbian boycott of federal institutions.

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