Kevin Smith reveals why Marvel can’t direct the movie

Kevin Smith reveals why Marvel can't direct the movie

Following his breathtaking independent film debut with “Clarks” in 1994, Kevin Smith has written and directed nearly 13 films to date, one of the most important voices among filmmakers of his generation. Focuses on low budget products based on spiritual conversations.

Smith’s success was aired on television, where he was the creator and executive producer of several shows, including the animated adaptation of “Clarks” and most recently “Masters of the Universe: Exposure”. Netflix list.

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Kevin Smith’s deep involvement in comics and geek culture has been a constant element throughout his filmmaking, and is said to have been a factor in the hiring of DC and Warner Bros. in the development of the canceled film. “Superman Lives” is a story that has become one of his fans’ favorites over the years.

Over the past decade, Smith has made no secret of his fascination with Marvel Studios’ work in developing his cinematic universe, which could make him the best candidate to take on one of these productions. However, during a conversation with filmmaker Abrax he mentioned that he will not be directing any film in the series.

Smith says he is a big fan of Kevin Faiz’s work, which he calls his favorite director in American cinema. However, he shared a number of reasons why he could not accept the role of director for the MCU, including the lack of a “visual style” as a filmmaker. “I’ve been talking about this since the 90s, so I have to be there to do it, but first, I’m not that talented,” he commented.

“I’m not good enough to create a comic book. You need a visual style to do these kinds of things. I do not think visually, I think in words. Even my favorite comics have more words than pictures,” Smith noted.

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Kevin Smith promised to create his own original content, which is why he may not be able to work under the command and guidance set in the MCU. Stories featured in Marvel Comics.

Currently, Kevin Smith has experience in the field of superheroes beginning the development of the animated series based on “Green Hornet”, in addition to directing four episodes of the “Supergirl” series and three episodes of “The Flash”. His record as a candidate close to the DC Universe.

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