A Warriors rookie dressed as: “I’m the best in the league”

Les superstars NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry et Klay Thompson, incrédules devant l'identité du 3ème Splash Brother qui se dégage dans la franchise

While some fans may not be satisfied, the Warriors seem to be satisfied with the recruitment this summer. They will have their hands on a benchmark player in the league at a stadium … in the words of the concerned chief!

How to wrap around an efficient and filled Big Three Steff Curry – Clay Thompson – Tremond Green In the best way? This question would have haunted the Warriors front office throughout the office. The owner’s inevitable desire to enjoy the joy of ownership, so pushed it into the big dream of recruitment. So leaders are responsible for attracting some interesting profiles.

While the arrival of Otto Porter Jr. and Nemanja Bijelica is intriguing, the arrival of Andre Iguodola is Tubs ’biggest hit this summer. Finally, to complete the list, Golden State got into the hands of Avery Bradley a few days ago. In 2016, the back was the signature that undoubtedly delighted a particular Steve Kerry who was already famous.

Celtics defender Avery Bradley’s Warriors coach Steve Kerr: “AB de Villiers is one of the best man’s defenders in the league. “

Bradley and the Celtics had a very bad trick on the night of April 1st, as it was a season of historical significance for Charcoal and his wives. 109-106 Winners In their room, the Cs can thank the Master Defender who was able to control the damage caused by the future Consensus MVP. So now without losing these qualities, the latter is going to be the GS jersey. After all, he was the one who cried out loud and clear this Tuesday.

Avery Bradley: “I think the NBA is man’s best defender.”

If Bradley confirms his words and knows how he should be against his new team in 2016, his leaders could already have a smile on their face in case of suffocation.

Avery Bradley, known in the past by Steve Kerr, believes the coach’s compliments are still true today. Within a week, in the Warriors jersey, it was up to him to prove it on the ground!

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