Vodafone breaks own record: Operator overlooks mobile network to 772 Mbps

Vodafone breaks own record: Operator overlooks mobile network to 772 Mbps

Vodafone Overlock the network at record high speeds772 Mbps

Vodafone has broken its own speed record. On September 26, Vodafone and Nokia successfully tested the network in a new way. Engineers successfully integrated four carrier frequencies: LTE1800 20Mhz 4×4 + LTE2100 10Mhz 4×4 + LTE2600 10Mhz 4×4 + LTE900 5Mhz 2×2.

The test set a new speed record – 772 Mbps at a commercial base located on the operator’s technical site.

Testing shows that the potential of LTE technology lies not only in the development of new frequency ranges, but also in the use of existing frequency resources by mobile operators.

Vodafone continues the intensive construction and implementation of new technologies in the Ukraine network, providing a new level of service and services to subscribers. In May this year, Vodafone overclocked its 4G network to 733 Mbps using equipment. Nokia Airscale. Ruler Nokia Airscale will give Vodafone full freedom to launch services based on any (2G, 3G, 4G) and future technologies (5G) allowed in Ukraine.

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