The French government is waiting for a guarantee before resuming contact with Australia


France is waiting with determination “Subject Conversation“With Australia, Canberra will rejoin at the highest level after breaking a major contract on submarines, Elysee noted on Tuesday (September 28).

France has been angered by the announcement of the AUKUS alliance between the US, Australia and the UK in the Indo-Pacific region, with Emmanuel Macron speaking to the US last week. Joe Biden and Britain’s Boris Johnson, but not with the Australian Prime Minister “The question is unknown“If President Emmanuel Macron”Get to talk“With Scott Morrison”He is still there“, But this”Prepare this conversation in a very serious way“So she”The object is one», Explained the Presidential Adviser. “It will happen when the time comes“, He promised.

The Australian Prime Minister said last week that he had failed to reach out to Emmanuel Macron and that he had agreed to show up.PatientTo renew relations with Paris. The French ambassador to Australia has been recalled to Paris and will return to Canberra.On the date to be determined“Someone in the United States is due to join Washington on Wednesday.”Australia is an important partner country“In the Indo-Pacific region, the president insisted on the post,”Although she did not behave properly in this matter.

Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday morning that the AUKUS alliance has not changedFrance’s Indo – Pacific strategy by any means“, Who”One million comrades living in the region and more than 8000 soldiers are deployed there as a force regardless of any contract.

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