LeBron James' wonderful news to Alex Caruso on IG!

LeBron James’ wonderful news to Alex Caruso on IG!

Sean M. Hofi / Los Angeles Times (DR)

Although they are no longer teammates, LeBron James and Alex Caruso had a good understanding from the court. This Monday, on Instagram, the king did not hesitate to send a great message to the bald mamba, which he should appreciate.

Go back to school for at least the Bulls, Warriors or Lakers for the NBA. An important day for the media, in order to ask players all possible questions. This is the chosen time to make expressions Zion Williamson was still injured For example. This is bad for pelicans.

Then there is one thing that speaks a lot: the vaccine. In recent days, the goal has been to find out who is being vaccinated. Some share this information, while others do not. Kyrie Irving and Bradley Peel have caused a great deal of controversy With dangerous boundary notes.

But there is a small positive. Bulls fans praised their new team of Timor Deroson, Lonzo Paul, Zach Lavin and Nikola Vusevic. We have not forgotten young people like Kobe White and Patrick Williams, but not particularly the well-known bald mamba by the name of Alex Caruso.

A special day for the point guard, hoping to take a good check to join Chicago and win the title. He revealed his jersey number: 6, as mentioned … LeBron James. As a reminder, Raja moved from 23rd to 6th this year, with a change released last year. On Instagram, Akron’s native posted a great message for his number one brother.

My twins need me soon with this er jersey number 6!

The good atmosphere between the two, especially Alex Caruso, must quickly comply with the request of his former teammates. Be careful, however, that there will be no mercy on the ground. Look out for Bulls-Lakers matches in the future.

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