LeBron James in the NFL? History may have been written in 2011 for the king

LeBron James in the NFL?  History may have been written in 2011 for the king

Businessman, actor, basketball player, activist and American footballer? This is the invisible rule that LeBron James embraced a few years ago. A great footballer in the high school years, King James will be able to continue his career on American football pitches as he explained on the ESPN show on Monday.Monday night footballHosted by brothers Eli and Beyton Manning. “If I had had the best quarter in high school, I would have continued to play football. But I took several wins and leaned to the basketball court.

During the NBA lockout, four times the NBA MVP may have temporarily changed the ball in 2011. When asked about the matter, James turned to rumors about American football rights. The Lakers star has reaffirmed that the Cowboys and Seahawks offered him a deal and effort at the time. “I thought a lot about it … I still have the jersey they sent me. I wanted to be a red zone expert like Cronk. “


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We can say that LeBron James’ statements made Manningis, especially the elder, react. “A nice tight end. 2m03, 113 kg. I would have made many touches with LeBron. (…) 75 Touch!“The former star of the Indianapolis Golds, the Denver Broncos and the five-time league MVP, said Payton. But James finally focused on the orange ball. To the delight of basketball lovers.

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