How does Joe Biden’s America see the world?

How does Joe Biden's America see the world?

The submarine crisis between France and the United States has reaffirmed US priorities in the world. Europe is no longer one of them. “America first,” Donald Trump declared at his meetings. Joe Biden, he did not say it out loud, but in reality he is in this line just like any other American president.

The change in geo-strategic orientation, which began in 2010 under Barack Obama, is now the focus “Indo-Pacific” Zone, And a new obsession: China. The Biden administration wants to strengthen the group of countries hostile to Beijing Japan, Australia or India, to thwart its economic and military ambitions.

In the United States, Joe Biden’s commitment to foreign policy is reflected in his controversial handling of large numbers of Haitian refugees. Images of immigrants being treated like cattle on the Texas border shocked the United States.

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