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TickTalk Icons of iPad iPhone iPadWith the permanent dominance of American giants like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook … we would never have thought that Chinese usage would rank first among the most popular and most downloaded processors. And yet … DickTok’s Fight Dance owner has achieved this feat!

1 billion people use Dictoc

Roll a few minutes of videos, add to it powerful Algorithm Who knows in advance what you will experience and what will catch your attention: here The recipe for success That tic tac has been in use for many years and it works just fine!
Renowned short video processor, proudly announces that it has been achieved Billion Monthly users with profit 300 million New followers in 1 year.

Today we celebrate this mission and our global dictatorial community. More than a billion people around the world now come to Dictok every month to enjoy learning, laughing or discovering something new. We have a very diverse family, small businesses and a community of creators who become our favorite stars.

1 billion dick

Thanks for this excellent performance came in part Brackets And Curfew Again it lasts for almost a year in many countries around the world.
Without knowing what to do with their day, hundreds of millions of people are provoked by ticktacks, often through video links sent by loved ones in the news or on social media.

In its press release, Glad to have created Dictac A great community And praised content creators for the different themes found in the videos. We can watch music, comedy videos, hidden cameras, beauty exercises, culture … The mass of this content allows you to easily find the videos that guide you Without fail To recover In use.

Success unnoticed by competitors

Such as other entertainment and social media apps Instagram, Web light Or Snapshot This planetary success could not be ignored, which had already lasted a long time.
Some competitors, such as Instagram (Reels), Snapshot (Spotlight) or YouTube (Shorts), have tried to offer the same system in their application, which shows short videos, but no one succeeds. To slow down Growth of Chinese application!

Today, tic tac toe is used All age groups Who uses a smartphone. He has to design the short videos app in his own country where he creates it A strong addiction For young people. The Chinese government asked a week ago Limit to 40 minutes Daily use of dictox in children.

Dictok’s press release

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