DickTalk reaches 1 billion monthly users worldwide

TikTok atteint 1 milliard d’utilisateurs mensuels dans le monde

There is no denying that Dictac has been able to attract the attention of many smartphone users around the world. Despite some political restrictions in some countries, including the United States and India, Dictac announced that it now has 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Tick ​​tock

1 billion people in Diktock! Thanks to our global community

Original Sound – Tic Tac Toe

Dictok, being a Chinese company, has been accused by the US government of spying on its data collection practices and U.S. citizens. He faced a U.S. embargo under the Trump administration until he signed a contract with an American company. Reports have surfaced Months later, talks on a deal all fell apart after Biden took office.

Instagram Reached the same milestone In the summer of 2018 it again sought to maintain its status as a popular social utility. With the rise of Dictoc and its short video formats, Instagram and YouTube sought to integrate their Dictoc look with Instagram reels and YouTube shorts.

In July, Instagram director Adam Moseri acknowledged that Dictac was becoming a major competitor and that the focus of the app should shift from the original basis of the photo sharing processor to four main goals: creators, video, shopping and messaging.

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