Covid 19: Surveillance rate now in Caledonia

Govt-19: Surveillance rate now in Caledonia

This indicator, which is used worldwide, makes it possible to measure the evolution of an infection and to determine the health measures to be taken. In Le Caillou, the “incidence rate” has recently been mentioned in interviews and health points.

With the progression of the epidemic in Kylo, ​​new terms appear in our daily conversations: antigen testing, messenger RNA … and more recently “event rate”. Our health officials mentioned this “rate” last week and High Commissioner Patrice Farrell returned to this comment in more detail His interview is on Sunday, September 26thIn our TV news.

What exactly is it?

“Incidence rate” is an indicator for measuring the evolution of an epidemic and is a trend that is easily comparable to other regions and over time. To calculate it, take the number of cases detected in the last seven days. We divide it by the number of people living in New Caledonia and then multiply it by 100,000.

Peak of 1,100 patients per 100,000 population

“The overall event rate in 7 days is now 800 (per 100,000 people), Sunday indicated the upswing. It rose to 1,100 between September 16 and 20. There he came down again. “

By comparison, Polynesia reached the peak of the epidemic in early September, surpassing 3,000 cases per 100,000. In Guyana, another area currently most affected, we have over 500 cases per 100,000 people.

Decision-making tool

This event rate is a decision-making tool for policies. This will make it possible to establish warning limits or adjust the prison. In metropolitan France, for example, elementary school students can go to class without a mask … but events last only 7 days in fields below 50 per 100,000.

This event rate will play a decisive role in raising or modifying imprisonment. One of the three criteria mentioned on Monday at a press point hosted by government member Christopher Giges took into account possible deconfinement. Concentration of the other two vaccine rates and hospital structures, Govt division and intensive care.

Key figures and evolution of the Covid 19 epidemic in France and around the world can be found here Public Health France.

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