Brexit: Paris ready to retaliate if London postpones fishing

Brexit: Paris ready to retaliate if London postpones fishing

Conflict continues between France and England over post-Brexit fishing. France is still waiting for the tricolor flag flying boats 6 to 12 miles off the British coast to respond to requests for Jersey, 168 Guernsey and 168 final approvals. Despite the satisfying gesture, Jersey Autonomous Government, An island located between France and Great Britain, announced on Friday that it would authorize EU boats and renew temporary licenses for those struggling to gather the necessary supporting documents.

An action far removed from calming the spirits. Throughout the conditions for the UK’s exit from the EU, the access of European fishermen to UK waters was a matter of tension. Already in early May, dozens of boats Norman and Breton fishermen To defend their right to fish in this sea in the port of Saint-Helier in Jersey, London sent two patrol boats for a few hours.

“In this game, it will end badly”

This drastic footing led to the extension of the deadline without changing the foundations: European navies would have to give up 25% of their holdings in the British Sea by the end of an interim period running until June 2026. The agreement foreshadows the obligation of European fishermen to obtain new licenses from London. These are evidences of the practice of fishing in British waters.

Video. Tension in Jersey: French boat collides with British boat

However, for small units that do not have satellite space, it is difficult to present this evidence. “We spent many months collecting all the supporting documents, especially for small boats that did not have a satellite surveillance system, we gave everything,” said Jean-Luc Hall, chairman of the National Fisheries Committee. The postponement of these temporary licenses until January is starting to heat up the minds of fishermen in Brittany and Normandy. “In this game, it ends badly,” says one of them. Some said they were willing to go and disconnect the cables that supply electricity to the islands or redo their seats.

French fishermen are also calling for immediate retaliation: banning the landing of English boats and reducing economic or university cooperation with the Channel Islands. Paris says it is “studying” the matter, with Brussels as arbitrator. “We will not accept the new conditions. All our demands are reasonable and we need final approval,” the French Maritime Ministry said. We are at the end of our patience and the fishermen are legal. ”, The French foreign secretary for European affairs, Clement Bonn warned, threatened to implement through the European Commission. Control measures’ If the situation is not prohibited.

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