What became of the hero of the film starring Tom Hanks?

What became of the hero of the film starring Tom Hanks?

Absolutely movie. Tom Hanks plays Chesley Schullenberger, the pilot who successfully landed Airbus in Hudson in Clint Eastwood’s “Sully”. What is the status of the real hero?


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[Mis à jour le 26 septembre 2021 à 20h45] In 2009, Chesley Schultenberger, known as “Sally”, achieved a feat: she landed an Airbus A320 in Hudson, near New York. The plane was damaged by a double bird attack, which made the two turbojets of the aircraft completely unusable. All 160 people on board escaped unharmed. Inspired by this “Hudson Miracle” Clint Eastwood A movie, “Sally”. In the role of the pilot with remarkable silence, we see Tom Hanks. But what is the real “Hudson’s hero”?

Today, the real “Sally” is 70 years old. Chesley Schullenberger is enjoying her retirement, a year after the incident. Since then, the former pilot has occasionally served as a visiting professor at the Center for Disaster Management at the University of California, Berkeley. Later nicknamed the “Hero of the Hudson”, he also specializes in flight – related subjects for the CBS channel. He also appeared in the 2017 film The Very Bad Dates 2, in which he appeared in his own role. In Clint Eastwood’s “Sally”, Chesley Schullenberg also plays a minor role in her own.

Summary – Chesley “Sally” Schullenberger was originally an ordinary man, a simple airline pilot who, by the side of fate, resembled an American hero. Clint Eastwood leaned straight on Sally, who rescued passengers from the crashed Airbus A320. During a regular flight, the birds irreparably damage the aircraft’s jet engines as they prepare to fly over New York. If there is no question in thinking for a long time then everyone will perish. Chesley “Sally” Sullenberger, who is in control of Airbus, decided to try a landing maneuver and aimed at the Hudson River. Without an engine, the plane still flies like a glider. Only the expertise and serenity of an experienced pilot will allow everyone to dive into the water after the greatest fear of their lives.

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