Volcanic eruptions in the Canaries: several limited areas

Volcanic eruptions in the Canaries: several limited areas

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27/09/2021 13:30

Officials in the Canary Islands ordered the prison on Monday, fearing the release of toxic gases into the sea by a volcano erupting from the Cumbria Viza volcano in La Palma on the 19th. September.

Authorities ordered the control of “San Bornton, Marina Alta, Marina Baja and La Condesa” in Dassault, “at the level of this commune” as the volcano reaches the ocean in the coming hours and the gases ‘harmful health “underscored the Canary Islands’ emergency service.

According to officials, the order is for 160 people and the number of people who have to leave their homes is more than 6,200.

The same source added, “People should follow the instructions of the authorities and close the doors and windows of the house until the situation is assessed.”

The meeting between the volcano and the sea, which was originally scheduled for early last week and delayed due to low flow, is feared as it emits toxic gases on the island, which has a population of 85,000.

On Sunday evening, the volcano was 1.6 km off the coast and advanced at a speed of about 100 m / h, officials said.

The airport on La Palma Island reopened on Sunday after being closed due to the ash of the Cumbre Viza volcano.

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