The latest MCU movie broke the iconic record

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This movie was released just 3 weeks ago The Legend of the Chianki and the Ten Rings I’m still happy because I broke the logo record, and not many people were interested in image release.

Miracle: Black widow It came out

We can insist U.S. box office revenue has plummeted over the past two years due to the Covid 19 epidemicMoreover, major production in the United States was reduced or canceled. As for the number of movies I watched, it was very low. However, Marvel is one of the less influential companies. Many cinemas can thank MCU’s superheroes for allowing the people of the world to escape for the film without exaggeration. Black widow When The Legend of the Chianki and the Ten Rings In 2021, he snatched box office revenue in the United States. Martial arts experts break the Avengers spy record.

In fact, the film this weekend The Legend of the Chianki and the Ten Rings However Violate the recipe made by the other party Black widow. The latter is now $ 186.8 million as of Sept. 24, Officially The biggest hit of the year in the United StatesAnd it’s in space Just 3 weeks..And, Marvel Martial Arts movies are said Domestic box office revenue could exceed $ 200 million..A logo score, very difficult to achieve in recent years, from the last film dedicated to the public Bad boys for life, January 2020, Or almost two years ago.

Total revenue since Friday, September 24, 2009 was $ 186.8 million. # Shanxi Officially, it has been very successful in the United States since the onset of the epidemic d83cuddfaud83cuddf8 # Black widow (183.4 M $) ud83d udd25 ud83d ude4c cc RedFredMonnereau @MarvelStory_ ArMarvelCineVerse SeriesUpdateFR

September 25, 2021

Marvel: The biggest hit … how long?

Attendance at theaters has increased since 2021. All over the world, The Legend of the Chianki and the Ten Rings Top 5 of the biggest hits For a Hollywood blockbuster, there is now a movie ahead Policy, Cong against Godzilla Further Barbaric speed9 (You can find Obi-Wan Canopy as one of the actors in the upcoming Star Wars series). The film is still in theaters and will remain intact for a few more weeks. This allows us to put ourselves in a better position until the next Marvel movie is released …

Don’t forget this The next two MCU movies Eternities (November 5) and especially next Spider-Man: No Bath Home (December 17)This latest trailer alone is getting more and more response from the fans and this movie is for sure To explode the multiverses installed by Marvel Box office revenue will increase if all of Spider-Man’s old remakes are brought together. Unfortunately, except for the figures for the first week Movies can be counted on as early as 2022 So, Thor: Love and Thunder (((February 11) And especially Dr. is strange in the diversity of madness (((5 Tuesday) So, a good plan in perspective.

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