Marvel Thor has sued the creators of Iron Man and Spider-Man

Marvel Thor has sued the creators of Iron Man and Spider-Man

Disney and its Marvel unit have sued former comic book artists for taking full control of some of the comedic characters. Star Lee has sued the heirs of Steve Ditko, Don Heck, Don Rico and Jean Colen and entertainment company Larry Lieber. Magazine The Hollywood Reporter Disney was able to negotiate lawsuits and reports that it had full rights to characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor.

The lawsuit was probably funded by a lawsuit filed by relatives of the artist in an attempt to reclaim a portion of their exploitative rights. All of these artists co-created questionable superheroes between the 1950s and 1970s. Their works were created while they were working for “rent”. According to Marvel, this arrangement does not allow artists to claim their rights under copyright law.

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Speaking of Stan Lee’s brother Larry Liber, Marvel said in it Case : “Marvel gave Liber stories to write and gave the company the right to exercise constructive control over Liber’s contributions. In addition, Marvel paid Liber a fee per page for his work.”

Mark Doberoff, a lawyer representing the artists, said the lawsuits were based on the paradoxical and highly critical interpretation of “custom work” under the Copyright Act of 1909.

This is not the opinion of Marvel attorney Dan Petroselli Reuters : “Since these are created for others and are therefore owned by Marvel, we have brought these lawsuits to ensure that the dismissal notices are invalid and have no legal effect.”

This is not the latest legal battle involving Marvel and Disney. Scarlett Johansson, the actress in the movie “Black Widow”, has sued Disney for releasing the movie at the same time. In fact, the actress claims that Disney violated her contract by launching the film not only in Disney theaters but also on its Disney + streaming site. According to court documents shared with Insider Editorial staff, representatives of Scarlett Johansson approached Marvel to confirm that the film would only be released in theaters.

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