In Bonneville, like the wind of London on the N10

Comme un air de Londres sur la N10, à Bonneval

They believed that “this is an antique bus. It dates back to 1982 and it came by an exceptional convoy on April 28.” Twenty-two customers can enjoy their meal without being surprised at the timely braking.

Maria, who decided to switch to catering, wanted to take over a hotel-restaurant called Le Relice Fuseron in Mignier, and then Vasiley opened a food truck before submitting her former English bus idea.

“Not much for sale. We saw a lot in the south and it was converted into a pizzeria. We repainted everything, cleaned everything and redone the bar downstairs, near the kitchen.”

Maria and her brother Vasile set up the first restaurant “Le Bus Grills” in Bonneville on the N10 on the first London bus.

The Le Bus Grill, located near Vasile’s Garage, will not be noticed on the N10. “We opened on July 13th and we already have loyal customers, especially truck drivers and locals,” says Maria, who cooks hot dogs and paninis with her mother, but also stuffed traditional dishes like cabbage in her own Romania. “It’s good local products and home made at attractive prices.”

Maria and Vasily already have ideas about the future of their restaurant bus. They plan to set up a closed terrace to organize themed garlands and accommodate people with low mobility.

Frederick Levant

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