Cromarty has never been so optimistic

Cromarty has never been so optimistic

The early actor of Major League Baseball will return to Montreal to see Warren Cromarty at the Expo or whatever their name or format today – he says he never believed in returning to Montreal.

“I like the situation we are in now,” Chromarty begins, joining Japan Newspaper.

“We lost our team 17 years ago. For 17 years, we have been in a long process. I would say I have more confidence today than I did in the first 16 years,” he adds.

But the founder of Project Baseball Montreal refuses to say much. “We are engaged in a process that must be respected,” he insists.

“Patience,” he said. This will be the word of observation throughout our interview.

“We have to be patient and do it right. I think this will be a lesson in Montreal. The next time we have this team, we will never miss them again.”

“Good for Baseball”

As well, the former outfielder and first paceman of the Expos opens up a bit when talking to him about this project of sharing the rays between St. Petersburg and Montreal, which is strongly desired by the Florida organization. Several elected officials in the area.

“It’s a different situation, but things work out,” Cromarty says. Baseball is very creative to fix things. With the help of MLP and our very strong team, I am so proud and everything will be fine. That would be great for baseball. ”

“Of course, Montreal wants to play 81 games a year. But for now, 40 games is okay,” he adds.

Full confidence

Former player Stephen Bronfman says he has full confidence in himself and his entourage. Besides, he would not have wanted someone else to manage this project.

“When I tried to put this group together, I wanted to make sure I had the right people. The first person I liked on this group was Stephen Bronfman,” says “Grow”.

But Cromarty did not contact the entrepreneur in 2012.

He first wanted to feel the pulse of the people, the community. Wait until the dust settles.

Because the Expos – and their last administrations – had scars that needed to be healed first.

Now, nine years later, perhaps in November – an announcement could be made that Expos and Rays will be playing in Tampa and sometimes in the metropolis.

Always emotional

Now 67, Warren Cromarty is in his final months in Japan, where he played for many years, until recently he was a consultant to his former team, the Yomiuri Giants.

Cromarty is busy with his YouTube channel and store.

He will soon retire from baseball, but baseball is not alone. There is no baseball, especially in Montreal.

“I’m still curious, I’m so emotional. I think I should do it, I should do it, he says. I do not want to be a hero, but Montreal [et] Canada made me who I am today. “

Without taking too much credit for the work he has done over the years, Chromarty is pleased that the finish line is slowly approaching.

“I started this in 2012. I was alone. I had this ambitious plan. People thought I was crazy. He remembered with a laugh. One day I will write a book about it!”

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