Antarctic Snow Cruiser: Do You Know Its History?

The Antarctic Snow Cruiser is another era machine that needs to capture the frozen continent more effectively than it did before. Unfortunately, history has decided otherwise and this ice will be a huge failure.

In 1939, competition to explore Antarctica was intense and the Americans were lagging behind. Then they decided to build a machine that could detect the continent faster and more efficiently than anyone.

Seventeen meters long, weighing 34 tons, with its own aircraft and 5 explorers who can live up to a year, here is the Antarctic Snow Cruiser! It didn’t end there, because this Ice Titan was a hybrid too!

Larger diesel modules do not rotate the tires directly, but 4 run smaller Electric motors Located on each wheel. Thanks for this vehicle worthy of novels Jules Verne, TheAmericans could have explored Antarctica faster than any other country. Unfortunately nothing happened as planned.

A rude comment

Construction of this mammoth was accelerated: only 6 short months. During the 600km journey from Chicago to the coast, a lot of worries arose. The machine got stuck in a ditch for 3 days which is hard to handle! Advertising that this “unstoppable” machine would have been fine.

But the most important issue is its speed. Its power-to-weight ratio is only 8 hp / ton. During his trip to Boston, he developed one Great Traffic jams Blocks nearly 70,000 cars at all times! He was so slow, he came to the beach almost three weeks later instead of the advertised 8 days.

More worries will continue to rain

Once in Antarctica, problems continued to appear. This massive machine had never seen snow before when it was supposed to cross the White Continent. Completely smooth the 3 m high wheels No riding at all White carpet covering Antarctica. He had to go the only way to go Backwards ! What made it even slower!

Finally, the Snow Cruiser He would have traveled only a good hundred kilometers in the snow before serving as a standard laboratory. If this incredible machine had been discovered in 1958 under a vast expanse of ice, we would not know its condition today. Maybe she was buried somewhere in Antarctica. Unless she ends her life at the bottom of the ocean after a part of the iceberg has fallen.

Check out the video of this incredible machine, the Antarctic Snow Cruiser below:

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