“After a strong start, we froze like a smartphone …”

"After a strong start, we froze like a smartphone ..."

Football County II. They played five games on Sunday in the 7th round of the Division Central team.

Cotton-Tissake 5-2 (2-1)

Cotton wool, 50 visitors. A: of Horse.

Cotton wool: Artoi – Coleman (Telegi), Leske, Grex, Covesty (Barta), Sepsy (K. Doth), Columbar (Balok), Genre (Sjap v.), Ekhit, Loas, Bubenka (Sasab). Chairman: Genos K. Toth.

Tissakasi: R. Rabasi – Nagi (M. Dutt), Namit (Tudus), Lavai, Purai (Mல்லller), Zepherin, Porsa, Farkas, D. Caspar (A. Dutt), Sepsy, Boxic. Coach: István Kopcsó.

G .: Coleman (3), Barda, Ballock, Resp. Separin (2).
Ingredients: Full team, respect. nobody is here.
Maybe I: No.

Janos K. Dutt: “I hope we are on the right track with this victory.” Congratulations to our seriously injured goalkeeper, Robert Farrake, on his speedy recovery. We are waiting for you again Robbie! Good referee.

Istán Kopcsó: Unfortunately, we are in a state of will and weakness and in a difficult situation. We will do our best. Congratulations to the home team.

Nayakladasa-Bagprani 3-2 (2-0)

Nikladasa, 250 viewers. A .: Belitza.

Nayakladasa: Jellyfish – Dervarix (Vankors), Potnar, Koran (Bereski), Hajda, Sajdas, Bob (Eres), Lexa (Sox), Nagy b. Coach: David Mahr.

Beach Image: M.

G: Bob (2), Bereski, Resp. Shepherd (2).
Issued by: Lagados m. (69.)
Ingredients: Full team, respect. Tóth P., Pásztor, Vígh.
Maybe I: 0-3.

Maher David: – We made a mistake 3-1, so we made the match harder ourselves. We won with merit. Congratulations to the team who were able to fight each other so hard. I would like to thank our fans for appearing in such beautiful numbers. Come on, Niac!

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Peter the Great: – In terms of circumstances, we deserve defeat, but I have to congratulate the opponent for the bad game in the first half.

Casniat-Mali 5-3 (1-2)

Slightly, 60 viewers. A: Gujbus.

On the way: Pzsztor – Szabó I. (Farkas Sz.), Kiss I. (Vadászi), Irhás E., Nótár (Durgheu), Irhás I., Lakatos E., Kiss F., Schöller (Irhás J.), Farkas Gy. (Verse), Irhas SS. (Pop). Team Leader: Ignic Irhas.

Mali: Kiss G. – Cruz, Almasi, Harvath D., Staff, St. P., Kun-Zjabe, Docs, St. E., Setlock, Sisak (Dance). Coach: Ferenc Reps.

G .: Kiss I. (2), Irhas Sz., Nathar, Irhas E., Resp. Harvard d. (2), Sisak.
Ingredients: N R.tár R., Farkas Gy., Kiss I., resp. Cruz.
Maybe I: No.

Ignic Irhas: – Initially we fell asleep and the enemy took advantage of his circumstances. Then we found ourselves and won the competition with merit. Sabah Irhas football team expresses its condolences to the football team in Kesniyat due to the known tragic event.

Ferenc Phone: After a strong start, we froze like a smartphone …

Dissoc-Sajosjekt 2-6 (0-2)

Dysalik, 50 audience. A: Philippines.

Thissalik: D. Fenaki – Fekte, Honkey (M. Harvath), Petruska, Lagados (Sramke), Christian Clonesy, Danny (G. Horvath), A.

Your angle: Oláh – Migyu, D. Tóth (Hungarian), Farkas, Kovács P., Sebők, Kovács B., Nagy L. (Kondor), Kaddas, Lados (Gyuricskó), Antal. Coach: Gopher Cruz.

G .: Christian Clonesi (2), Resp. Kovix b. (2), Koviks P., Kadas, Andal, Sepak.
Ingredients: Extremists A. Koviks P., Kopviks P., Andal, Kados.
Maybe I: 1-3.

Leszl Fnagy: – If we can start two weekends with the same players, we can win two matches in a row.

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Copernicus: – We won with merit in the worst quality curriculum. Fortunately, we are in good shape. I hope it stays that way. Good referee!

Megasso-Hersani 0-4 (0-1)

Megas, 60 spectators. V .: Farcas Z.

Megas: Vaughn – Erday, Radix A., Irhas M., Balok SS Coach: Dezső Szilasi.

Noise: Ben – Lupinski, Ungveri (Tolik), Solnoki (N. Nagi), Theogodi (Farkas), Szabe Sess.

G .: Thiogodi (3), Dolic.
Ingredients: nobody is here. Thiogodi, Raphael, Sabe Zs., Nagy G.
Maybe I: No.

Dezső Szilasi: – Barren field dominance, with weak play, there were 11 of us, but only five were in the spirit. I am ashamed to replace the team …

Andres Cowell: Congratulations to the winning team!

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