The Romanian film “Blue Moon” was crowned at the San Sebastian Festival

The Romanian film "Blue Moon" was crowned at the San Sebastian Festival
American Jessica Chastain won the award in San Sebastian for the film “In the View of Tommy Fey”.


Romanian director Alina Gregor’s feature film “Blue Moon” won Best Picture at the 69th San Sebastian Film Festival (Spain) on Saturday. The award was also presented to American Jessica Chastine.

Alina Grigor, a 36-year-old director and actress, said, “I never expected that.” “Thanks to all the women and men who have taken our message so far,” he said.

Danish De Lindbergh won the Best Director award for ‘As in Heaven’, depicting the life of Denmark in the 19th century through the eyes of three women: 14-year-old Liz, her aunt and her grandmother.

The lead actress of the film, Danish Flora Ophelia Hoffman Lindall, won the prize for “Best Performance” alongside American actress Jessica Chastain. The award was presented for the first time this mixed year, so there is no difference between men and women.

“I love what I do and hope it continues for a very long time,” the 25-year-old actress receives her award, holding Jessica Chastain’s hand.

Jessica Chastain received the prize

For her part, American Jessica Sostine, a two-time Oscar nominee, won the prize for the film “In Tommy Fay’s View”. He plays American personality Demivangelist Tommy Fay Packer, a contestant who is often parodied on television shows in the United States.

The 44-year-old actress decided to make this film seven years ago after watching a documentary showing another side of this woman.

“I hope this film will teach us to go beyond our first records,” he said during the awards ceremony.

The San Sebastian International Film Festival, originally created to reward films in Spanish, has become a major event in the world of cinema.


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