Space activist Cornelia: That’s why we need to colonize space

Space activist Cornelia: That's why we need to colonize space

How can you live in space, how should you travel, what do you eat?

Sweden’s largest astronomical festival, “Astronomical Day and Night”, is being discussed at about 30 locations around Sweden this weekend.

– It’s wonderful to think about whether there is life on other planets, how we can live elsewhere, and how we can travel in space, says Cornelia Equal.

The festival was co-organized by the non-profit association Svenska Astronomyska Solskapet, which was formed in 1919 and this weekend events are organized by various associations, associations, universities, institutions and individuals around Sweden.

Should we go to Mars?

One of the issues discussed at the astronomy ceremony was whether we humans should go to Mars in the future.

– I’m very skeptical that we should do that, says Ulf Danielson, a professor of theoretical physics at Uppsala University:

– To explore Mars and send people on scientific missions, I think it makes sense. But I hesitate to go there. It is probably better to make sure that we can live on this earth and take care of it properly.

Space activist Cornelia Equal disagrees.

– I think we should go to Mars, she says, continuing:

– The step in the moon was an important thing for humans to realize we were going further into the universe, so I think it would make a lot of sense to us if we went to Mars. Colonial space is very exciting and necessary if we are to continue to grow as a civilization.

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