MINYAPOLIS – Theoscar Hernandez, Marcus Semian and George Springer helped the Toronto Blue Jays stay alive in the playoffs by beating the Minnesota doubles 6-1 on Saturday night.

Robbie Ray (13-6) allowed just three wins in six innings, allowing the Torontonians to concede defeat in three games.

So, the Blue Jays are two games away from the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

For the second consecutive season, Tampa Bay Rays confirmed their title in the American East Division on Saturday.

Simeon took a 3-1 lead with the long ball of his 43rd season. He joined Dave Johnson, who reached that plateau in 1973, for more home runs by a second paceman in one season.

“I think we’re ready,” Semyon said. Yes, we are young. Yes, some of us are new to being in the playoffs. This is a little different than last year because there are fans on the stands. But I hope we are ready.

“Whatever the circumstances, we will follow our game plan and face any team.”

Springer put the brakes on a 0-for-16 streak with Homer with two runs in seventh. This is the 18th time of the season and the first time since September 11th.

Ray leads the Americans with an average of 2.68 and sits at 244 strikeouts in major baseball, allowing one run and passing six bats at midfield.

The doubles first scored the same point on the sacrificial ball. They have four runners in the next five rounds, but Ray limited the damage each time.

“It was fun to watch,” Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo said of his pitcher’s performance.

“He’s our best pitcher and he deserves a Sai-Young trophy. He has to win Sai-Young,” the manager snapped.

The Minnesota list was 0-to-6, with runners in the scoring position.

Springer controls damage with brightness

Blue Jays took the lead in second place with a point double from Hernandez’s home run and Randall Crick’s, combined with a mistake by right fielder Brent Rooker.

Absent from Sept. 14 due to a stomach injury, doubles opener John Kant (5-10) conceded two points, including a three-point qualifier, after returning from a 10-day injury list.

Prior to the game, the duo paid tribute to their former First Commander Justin Mornio. A Canadian from New Westminster, British Columbia, he has been inducted into the Twins Hall of Fame.

The two teams last clash on Sunday afternoon, after which the Blue Jays return to Toronto for their final two series. They will face the Yankees and Baltimore Orioles to finish the season.

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