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Faced with a shortage of trucks, London offers flexibility

Michael Holden

LONDON, Sept. 25 (UK) – Britain is expected to announce a temporary visa for truck drivers to address the shortage of labor, which could lead to rations at some gas stations and cause concern among drivers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said it was considering temporary measures to address the shortage of heavy truck drivers as queues began to form outside some gas stations early Saturday.

According to several dailies, the government is preparing to issue 5,000 temporary visas to foreign truckers, which logistics and distribution teams have been calling for months but the government has so far refused.

According to the British Road Transport Association (RHA), Britain needs 100,000 more road smugglers to meet its demand.

The shortage was caused by Brexit and Covid 19 and a year of lack of training and testing.

“We are considering temporary measures to avoid an immediate problem, but the steps we will take will be strictly limited in a timely manner,” a Downing Street spokesman said in a statement without elaborating.

Oil groups insisted there was no shortage of fuel, only difficulties in getting to gas stations, while several ministers warned against buying panic. (French version by Gன்னnnell Parsic)

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