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Manu returns to Xenophil Spurs!

Many years after he retired, the petition Xenophilus NBA will make its comeback in microcosm! Apparently, he could not return any rights other than Spurs! Leaders saw a new role for him.

Spurs is a big family, probably more than any other entitlement in the NBA. The only professional team in San Antonio, the owners ’players are necessarily considered angels by many fans, which logically reinforces the sense of belonging to these colors, this room, this community. Also, retirees want to come back.

Tim Duncan, one of the greatest players in owner history, plays the role of a bench assistant with Greg Popovich, for example. The coat of strong wings wants to engage in training, and what better place to take their first steps than a city, a team and an administration they know by heart?

So, it’s not surprising to learn that Manu Xenophilus is back on the owner’s corporate chart this Friday! Three years after retiring from the game, he will become a man of Argentine genius shadows because he will play a supervisory role in Texas. Only Mark Stein, who posted this information, will make fans laugh.

Spurs have officially appointed Manu Xenophilus as Special Adviser on Basketball Operations. One of 15 additions / promotions in ownership.

It’s hard to define the role of a specialist adviser in the NBA, but Manu Ginophili will have some weight in making various decisions at the sports level this season in San Antonio. A surprising announcement that no one expected, it was the choice of the left. Instead of passing him upstairs, he was bright, and Manu wanted a quiet restoration.

Manu wants the return to be wise, so there is no interview or other request. His name was not mentioned in the press release until the third paragraph.

Spurs are not crazy and they know it’s a good idea to trust the Big 3 that has created the owners’ climax. There is no shortage of it Plus He should come to a full circle rather than Tony Parker.

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