Lady D: The best addresses for a weekend in London, in the footsteps of Lady Diana

Vanity Fair

Odeon West End – Cinema

In this large theater in Leicester Square, there is only one room, and the Royal Film Festival has been held every year since 1946, with an English film being shown and a charity evening attended by the royal family. That’s the case Diana Went to screening often, but previews. Where the cinema element was established in 1930, there is a special lounge for kings.

22-24 Leicester Square, Landers.

Lanceston Place – Restaurant

Lancaster Place has changed since the 1990s: its decoration has been modernized and its cuisine simplified with the arrival of young chefs. Ben Murphy 2017. But the place has a chic and refined atmosphere that Diana appreciated. She cleverly snuck into one of the beautiful private rooms where she could spend an evening unnoticed.

1A Launceston Place, Landers. Lancaster Place-

Royal Opera House – Auditorium

December 1985. One evening at the opera, to thank the supporters Prince Charles, In the company of the princess dancer, performs an unforgettable dance on stage Wayne Sleep On the tune City girl From Billy Joel. She enjoys combining ballet and jazz steps. But for whom this wonderful Christmas gift was designed, the prince did not appreciate the show. The public rejoiced and won.

Covent Garden, Landers.

Herods – Department Store

Not to mention the department store you own until 2010 Mohammed al-Fayed, Father Dodi Al-FaytThe princess’ last friend was killed in a car crash with him in Bond de l’Alma. Until 2018, Hearts Hall had a three-meter statue of the couple, flying over the bird. It is now established on the property of the Al-Fayed family.

87-135, Prompton Road, Landers.

Joseph-ready to wear

The Kensington store was privatized when it parted ways with Princess Charles. She came with an assistant and a bodyguard to buy cream sets from Joseph. The store manager at the time recalled the attitude of the princess, her impeccable taste, the fit of the times, the trends and the fit of her figure. After all, contrary to the habits of members of the royal family, he remembers that she paid with her credit card like any other customer.

77 Fulham Road, Landers.

Harvey Nichols – Grand Magazine

Diana usually came to this department store for shopping. Like the independent shops, her visit she closed and most of the staff left while she was shopping.

109-125 Knightsbridge, Landers.

Le Caprice – Restaurant

Le Caprice is Diana’s favorite restaurant. Elizabeth Taylor Where Mick Jagger They were also interested in this Piccadilly address, which was closed due to imprisonment. The princess loved the simple and harmonious aspect and the French family cuisine. Clients were kept in the same boat, the only priority treatment based on placement. Regulars are actually entitled to their favorite tables. The most valuable, nÂș 7 near the window, was reserved for her when Diana arrived, allowing her to see the entire room while enjoying the hue of privacy.

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