Urban Mayor (Jaguars): “NFL is like playing Alabama every weekend”

Urban Mayor (Jaguars): "NFL is like playing Alabama every weekend"

The new Jaguars coach did not wet his neck before entering the deep end.

For every player who drafted, the question arose about the transition between university sports and the NFL. But this question also arises for coaches. Most recently, Urban Meyer had a tough start to the league with two defeats in two games with the Jaguars. It is far from its position in the state of Ohio (82 wins – 9 defeats) or in Florida (65-15).

At the end of the meeting, his latest executioner, Franோois coach Vic Fangio, revealed the short sentence given by the Jaguars coach at a press conference.

“You know I don’t know Urban Mayor. I met him after the game. He said, ‘Playing in the NFL is like playing against Alabama every weekend. It’s really, really anyone can win in this league.’

It is not certain that the Jaguars coach did not want this little acknowledgment of weakness to appear in the media. But it was captured by cameras on the edge of the field.

“There are a lot of good players in this league,” the mayor said at first. “It’s Alabama every week.”

The mayor has a record of three wins and three defeats against dominating Alabama College. For now, in the NFL, it’s just getting started.

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