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The psychological impact of unemployment is more serious than you think and I think ... prosperous people in life often have this characteristic

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Editor’s note: When a person receives a layoff notice, he or she feels very hurt in the heart, and the injury is serious enough to affect a person’s character. Most people who have a relatively easy life have the conditions to be “ready to change.” (This article is taken from the book “Personality” by author Christina Bernd, the following is an excerpt.)

Unemployment can change your personality and make it harder to find work

There seems to be only one step to a bright sideless rule, and that is unemployment.

A person’s unemployment will only bring negative consequences involuntarily, and people will not see any benefit in it.

Many years later, this person found that his current job is better than ever, and his life is better than ever.

Over the past few years, experts and scholars have repeatedly pointed out that unemployment can cause a great psychological burden. When a person receives a notice of dismissal, he is very hurt in the heart, and the injury is so severe that it affects a person’s character. Christopher, economist and psychologist. Christopher Boys believes that nothing like unemployment can change a person’s character so strongly and negatively.

Boys and his colleagues received information about more than 6,700 German adults from the German Socio-Economic Commission, which completed two personality tests in 2006 and 2009. Of them, 210 study participants were unemployed during this period of one to four years, and 251 were unemployed for a short period of time, but then found work again.

The results show that after a long period of unemployment (one to four years) people lose their “responsibility”, “openness” and “communication”.They are too tough to find a new job and can’t face others well. They become annoying and hostile, and of course their credibility and alertness diminish.

Boys pointed out that the psychological impact of unemployment can be more serious than you and I think. In addition, due to personality change, it can be very difficult for people to find a new job and eventually fall into the vicious circle of negativity.

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Self is the sum of our experience

The change of our character is not always related to playing a new social role.

Without these, we can nurture ourselves and reach a certain level of maturity.After all, as we age, we can learn a lot from experience alone and be calm and consistent. In psychology, people call this “self-control”.

Jeep. Denison pointed out:

We can learn to control our own behavior in the course of life, and the key to learning comes from our experience.

If a person has only experienced the attack of his uncontrollable reactions and it is good for him to be calm, he will be motivated to control his behavior. Similarly, if people find that certain situations have a major negative impact on us at first glance, but the end result is not as bad as they thought, it may have unexpectedly good results. Such recognition could be in jeopardy in the future as we are.

People with a smooth journey often“Enjoy the open experience”

However, we must also acknowledge that some of the lucky ones are unreasonable, naturally more talented and flexible.Those who have a smooth journey in life will be “open to experience” and will have many new experiences that they can transform themselves into.Spot said:

Most people who lead relatively easy lives have the characteristics of strong, mature, calm, contented, self-confident, and willing to change situations.

They make positive things more likely, and curiosity motivates them to continue to face all sorts of unfamiliar challenges.

Conversely, negative experiences will definitely change our personality and make us more cautious. This is why people with so many negative experiences find it very difficult to get rid of negative behaviors and accept new things.

Photo / “Uniqueness: Be More Than You Are, Beyond Yourself”, translated by Christina Bernd, Wang Ronggui, Times Times

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