Lazy bag! Updated content and a list of known issues in the new version of Win11! | Exfostest News

Lazy bag!  Updated content and a list of known issues in the new version of Win11!  |  Exfostest News

Recently, Win11 introduced a preview version update.

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Built 22463, a seriously developed branch that brings some minor bug fixes.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that there are no new features in this branch, and it will take some time for new features to appear.

Windows 11 Built 22463 is named “Windows 11 Insider Preview 22463.1000 (rs_prerelease)”, if your device meets the conditions, for exampleWith compatible CPU and TPM modules, you can get Bush support.

If you are using a virtual machine, you must enable encryption and add the TPM module to enable secure boot before installing this update.

Windows 11 built-in 22463.1000 is not integrated with any particular feature update, so new changes to this version may not appear in next year’s major version feature update.

The next key feature for Microsoft testers is that as the upgrade progresses, more issues may arise.

Microsoft officially on Windows 11 built-in 22463.1000, the watermark may appear on the desktop, which is normal.

Improvements that came with Windows 11 Built 22463

  • Fixed a bug related to the taskbar icon Microsoft. Previously, if the device used a custom zoom setting, the Task Bar icon might be incorrect. The error also affects the virtual machine, and after this update, the problem will disappear.
  • The new version of Win 11 allows users to use CTRL + Shift + C to copy the path of a file or folder in File Explorer and save it to the clipboard, which can be synced between different devices.
  • Microsoft fixed the reliability issue of the Start menu. In the previous version, if too many applications were placed in the Start menu, it might get stuck with the Start menu icons. This error was detected when the user changed the DPI setting of the monitor, which is now fixed in the latest version.
  • Microsoft updated the layout of Quick Settings, adding an icon next to the module slider to make this option easier to operate.
  • Microsoft has circled the corners of pop-up windows displayed in the Settings app.
  • Microsoft has adjusted different theme colors to improve the app.
  • The “Windows Ease of Access” folder in the Start menu is now called Access.
  • There is a new option for Focus Assist functionality. The Focus Assist function will be activated automatically within one hour of the user device being updated.
  • After clicking the start button, you can pin the application by holding down the icon and dragging the pin.
  • Fixed a performance issue that affected the Windows specification.
  • The task bar icon is properly aligned and centered.
  • The Notification Center calculates correctly and displays reminders in the taskbar.
  • Improved the reliability of Explorer.exe.

Microsoft warns that PCs owned by Mobile Device Management (MDM) may not receive this update due to compatibility issues. At the same time, Microsoft promised to fix the problem in the next update.

Known issues in Windows 11 Built 22463

  • Start menu, Windows search and taskbar may not work properly. In some cases, users will not be able to enter text when using search. To resolve this issue, start and close the Windows Run dialog box.
  • When accessing the OneDrive location, the file resource manager’s context menu may disappear unexpectedly.
  • Windows widgets may appear empty, but Microsoft Store results are inaccurate.


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