I apologize for the suffering I caused to Cypriots and Greco-Americans

I apologize for the suffering I caused to Cypriots and Greco-Americans

He lamented the “pain” caused to his “Cypriots and Greco-American brothers.” Archbishop of America, trustworthy, After the reactions caused by his presence at its opening ceremony “House of Turkey”, In the presence of Erdogan and Tatar. In more detail, the Archbishop said in his statement:

“As a Greek from Istanbul, due to another escalation of the Cyprus crisis in the 1970s, I and my family, my relatives, but my family and I experienced the terrible consequences of the abduction. .I consider the manifestations of the pain of people who have lost everything: property, homeland, dreams, family, relatives.

I want, then, To inform everyone that my presence at the Monday event could not be a recognition of a disaster, refugee, aggression. My existence has always had the same consistent orientation: honest and courageous dialogue, a future that protects peace and religious freedom. We are all united in defending our national interests, each in his own way and role. But united, committed to the same goal.

I truly apologize for the inconvenience caused to my Cypriot and Greco-American brothers, Especially to my favorite flock. I pray that a fair and lasting solution will be found to the sacrifices of the people of Cyprus, in line with international law and the protection of human rights, as the people of Cyprus expect. In accordance with the resolutions, I work for this.

The Greek Orthodox Diocese of the United States stands a century after Hellenism everywhere, defending its expectations. “Our unity is my ministry and my debt.”

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