Bitcoin Payments, NFT … Jack Dorsey’s Hobby Comes on Twitter

Twitter va bientôt permettre d

The American social network provided new monetization tools and anti-harassment features.

Follow Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account to learn about the founder’s enthusiasm for the social network for the world of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is not surprising that the US company announced that Bitcoin payments are now available on its site. The social network sees cryptocurrencies as a solution that encourages users around the world to finance their favorite content creators, especially in developing countries.

These payments will go through the Strike Processor only available in the United States and El Salvador. Strike uses the Lightning Network protocol, which enables instant transactions with low fees. Jack Dorsey invested in this technology in 2018.

Twitter does not want to lose the frenzy surrounding the NFT, these certifications for digital objects and art. Soon, users of the social network will be able to publish a profile picture of their own NFTs, and Twitter will verify its authenticity. “ We’d like to point out visually that this is an authorized incarnation, and then we’ll give you information about the source of this NFTEsther Crawford, director of monetization products, explained at a press conference.

Encourage users to pay

This presentation allowed Twitter to release a myriad of new features, and it has found much less of a social network in recent years. Innovation involves two priorities: creating paid products to reduce Twitter’s dependence on advertising and to combat cyberstocking, one of the site’s woes.

We want to help creators turn their audience into fans and their fans into revenue, Esther Crawford explained. Bitcoin transactions are part of the new process “Notes(Tipping in French), which has been available anywhere in the world on Twitter’s iOS app since Thursday evening. Android will be affected later.

In concrete, Internet users can send money to the authors of their favorite Twitter accounts in bitcoin but in euros or dollars. Social networking is only an intermediary here, referring the web user to specialized services such as Patron, GoFundMe, CashApp or RazorPay. He does not charge commission.

The tips feature is available worldwide Twitter

In addition to sending small amounts, Twitter works in the process Super Follow. Influencer fans can only subscribe to open exclusive content such as question and answer sessions. The program is being tested in the United States with almost 100 influences, but the first results are lower than expected. In two weeks, The subscription brought in only $ 6,000 According to the Sensor Tower Company.

Social Networking wants to maximize the use of space, with its audio rooms copied from the clubhouse. An aid for the organizers of its exhibitions is in the financial study. Audio exchanges can be recorded and accessible at replay to increase their audience. Highlight this sound pattern on stage and select upcoming breaks.

Audio lounges will be better highlighted Twitter

Self-regulating tools

Twitter is misrepresented for its moderate management. The social network does not have the same financial position as Facebook and cannot use multiple moderators to clean up its platform. That’s why he decided to give users more power so they can protect themselves from unwanted content.

A feature that will soon be available in France will allow the author of a tweet to choose whether he or she can continue to comment on one of his or her posts. “We have seen a drop in reports since we implemented this option [aux États-Unis]. People can stop the abuse in real time rather than waiting for a reaction from Twitter, Explains Christine Su, product manager responsible for conversation security.

Users can log out of a conversation they do not want to be contacted with one click, but can make sure they are no longer following a malicious account.

Soon the user can block any attack or hateful content Twitter

But Twitter automatically wants to help cyberstalking victims with tools. Allows the use of “Security Mode” to prevent “trolls” from interfering with the user. Twitter users can ask the application to passively block content they do not want to see in the future with broad categories such as “hate speech and no harassment”, “no slander”, “no spam” … the user can customize his “blacklist”.

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