Two months after the storm, Maison Budget is back alive

If you were not in London on July 12, you would have missed the violent storm that struck the capital and other parts of the south of England. The worst movie ever lived by people and businessmen who lost everything.

On Monday, July 12, London was hit by thunderstorms in the afternoon. The shopping flowed into all the shops and houses below the artery as water flowed down the slopes of Portobello Road.

In a matter of minutes, Budget Bakery was submerged by the waves and the entire workshop located in the basement (under the shop) was bathed in 1.5 meters of water. Refrigerators, stoves, electrical network, stocks … the company had to close its doors until the end of August.

Despite this twist of fate, Amandine and Jean-Christophe Budget wear a big smile, all their staff and the citizens of the neighborhood were once orphaned from their favorite bakery. ” During the summer, daily via Instagram and Facebook, we received 250 messages a day asking for re-opening dates. Comments Amandine Puget. ” During our 45 days of forced vacation, instead of the 15 originally planned, we inadvertently created a shortageBefore proceeding, says her husband Jean-Christophe It was a very long stop, which was hard for our team, which eventually started to go in circles. Luckily, as we had planned, we won ten days together in Mexico. We would like to thank all our investors for making this annual trip. .

A re-opening that is not done abruptly

The battle of the experts, the work, the cleaning, the repair or the purchase of new equipment was not a long quiet river for the summer budgets, and they were eager to resume their operation. “At the end of five weeks of work, we had to wait for the final green light from the insurance companies. Without further ado, we did most of the work and took the lead. For 48 hours, our entire team worked hard to renovate the production workshop by redoing everything from the floor to the walls and ceilings. A specialized company intervened to clean and disinfect everything again.A necessary step in obtaining the Certificate of Hygiene and Compliance is what we need to reopen.

London Budget Bakery in the center of Notting Hill
Photo: Laurent Collin

Since the start of the school year, the activity with Budgets has been in full swing again

As the state of health improves, Budget House It was decided to reopen as before the outbreak. This allows customers to re-enter the bakery or sit at a table (8am to 4pm). The Puff, A recipe has now been recorded. Some of the newer products are gourmet, especially brown darts, chocolate broline or revised black forest.

This is a good reason to come back to Portobello Road and enter this bakery and pastry shop!

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