Planet Zoo: Announced in the North American Animal Pack Video

Planet Zoo: Announced in the North American Animal Pack Video

For almost two years, Planet Zoo continues to provide additional content Animal packs. Let them come From AustraliaFrom the Arctic, Africa, Southeast Asia or the oceans, everyone has something. And then The South American Animal Pack, To the rest of the continent.

Boundary improvements Has just revealed The North American Animals Pack, A new DLC Adding eight animalsThat is, not to mention the Canadian beaver, elk, sea lion, cougar, crocodile, black-tailed prairie dog and polar fox, bull frog. Players will find out too Five new optimization items for brackets (Beaver Pool, Broncorn Pinata, Bowling Dispenser, Melon Dispenser and Underwater Plant Dispenser) as well Beaver themed hats for zookeepers. Finally, to take part in a test, a new timeline will be added Blue Ridge Mountains.

Release date North American Animals Pack Set for October 4, 2021 Via the computer Steam, Against 9.99. The developers will release a comprehensive free update on the same date. Here. You can find out PCs Sports On Amazon.

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