Le pdg de naval group denonce une brutalite inouie de l

Navy Group CEO condemns Australia’s “incredible brutality”

PARIS (Reuters) – Australia’s decision to abandon its contract with the Navy for 12 submarines was “unprecedented and with unprecedented brutality,” the group’s chief executive Figaro told the French in an interview. Comprehensive plan “should be compensated.

France condemned the “backlash” last week after Australia decided to cancel the multi-billion dollar deal in support of a strategic partnership with the United States and Great Britain.

Canberra argued this week that Paris should not be surprised by its change of alliance, saying it had expressed its concern over the years for the deal, especially due to delays and rising costs.

“The Navy team always respects its obligations on all projects, costs, deadlines, and the Australian supply chain …”, Pierre Eric Pommellet assures in an interview published Wednesday evening on the Figaro website. “In the Naval Group, there is not the slightest hint or warning that we are becoming a Plan B in support of a plan to unite the United States and the United Kingdom in France, Australia.”

On September 15, he explains, just hours before Canberra announced its decision to the Naval Committee, “the Australian Government has officially accepted our offer and officially announced possible technical options.

When asked about compensation for breach of contract, the CEO of the Naval Group declares that there is “no basis” for estimates of the turnover.

Australia rescinds agreement “for convenience” “This is a case given in the contract, and it will rise specifically to pay our expenses. Submitted in a few weeks.”

French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden agreed Wednesday in a telephone interview to begin “deep consultations” between Paris and Washington to place “guarantees of trust” in the wake of the crisis over the issue.

(Written by Jean Tergion)