Don ‘Tones-Moi Unbreak’: Boris Johnson responds to French riots over failed submarine deal

Don 'Tones-Moi Unbreak': Boris Johnson responds to French riots over failed submarine deal

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The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia announced last week that they would join the new military defense agreement AUKUS. However, a message came in blue to France, which was about to sign an agreement with Australia to supply submarines worth 56 billion. The agreement was rescinded as Australia provided Australia with access to technology for nuclear submarines.

France has accused US President Joe Biden of stabbing them in the back and acting like Donald Trump before him. Paris recalled ambassadors from the United States and Australia.

Johnson, frustrated by the French murmur, responded in a mixture of French and English. “I think it’s time for some of our best friends around the world ‘Hold on’ About all this, ‘Take a break’Because it’s basically a big step towards global security, “he said today, one day after meeting Joe Biden in Washington.

“(Agreement, edition) is not meant to eliminate anyone, it is not hostile to China, for example, it is there to strengthen the relationship and friendship between the three countries,” Johnson said.

‘Europe’s marginalization’

Johnson’s bold statements set fire to Paris. According to two diplomatic sources, there are currently instructions to reduce ties with the United Kingdom. “Global Britain is openly aimed at putting Britain on the world map, while at the same time marginalizing Europe. It is a diplomatic source that refers to the slogan Johnson used to describe Britain’s post – Brexit ambitions, which we cannot accept.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke by telephone with US President Joe Biden today about the submarine collision. The two agreed to meet in Europe in October, the White House said after the conversation. The White House has said that Macron will return the French ambassador to Washington next week to “begin serious work with leading US diplomats.”

Johnson and Biden met in Washington yesterday.  Image REUTERS

Johnson and Biden met in Washington yesterday.Image REUTERS

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