Digital giants are betting on the parallel 3D universe of metawares

Digital giants are betting on the parallel 3D universe of metawares

Metaverse is a parallel universe, the digital three-dimensional world in which we can teleport through glass or virtual reality headsets. In the 1990s it was a science fiction novel with a novel, Virtual Samurai, By Neil Stephenson More recently, Steven Spielberg imagined a metawares in the film Ready Player One.

Today, cyberspace is within reach, according to digital players such as Mark Zuckerberg, who is also the future of the Internet. Facebook boss bets everything on metawares: “you can [l’]Imagine a simulated internet, He explains to the American site On the edge. Instead of looking at the contents, you are inside, feeling the presence of others that you may not enjoy on web pages such as classic apps or dance, for example, Link Mark Zuckerberg. The exchanges will be richer and will seem more real to us. “

“In the future, instead of a phone call, you can sit on my couch hologram or hologram myself, and I can sit on your bed.”

Mark Zuckerberg

On the American site The Verge

“We can be in the same room, Took charge of Facebook’s bossEven though we live hundreds of kilometers apart. “

Facebook will now work to revive this metawares. To this end, the team acquired in 2014 enough design company of virtual reality headsets to build a new site called Horizon. These are virtual worlds where you can play, but you can also work with colleagues by arranging meetings.

Die Sheridan, dance "Ready Player One", De Steven Spielberg.  (Warner Bros.)

But you don’t have to go to Silicon Valley to find these kinds of discoveries.

In Maine, an association that specializes in developing the Laval Virtual Center for high-speed technologies, virtual world enthusiasts place these new technologies at the service of companies. “Virtual worlds will change a whole lot of things that are on the internet today,” Laurent Gradian, general manager of the association, explains. Embedded in an incarnation, it fully interacts with the digital event, just like in real life.

Apparently, with the Govt, prisons and border closures, these projects enjoyed renewed interest. At the Laval Virtual Center, Ophélie organizes virtual seminars for companies or associations. “We are preparing a Pan-African event with exhibitions and a conference and workshop area”, She describes.

“All the participants, all the speakers, all the organizers, each are represented by an incarnation, so moving in a universe between different rooms.”

“In 2020, Laurent Gradian continues, This is the first time we have used a virtual world for ourselves. There were more than a thousand incarnations on stage at once. In the evening, at the end of the conventions, people gathered on the beach and people all went to bathe. We were in the middle of the cove, and it had been a month since people had left their homes: Reflex was swimming in full dress in a virtual world and talking to the people around him.

For now, these universes are similar to the video games we already know. Before coming to the metawares promoted by science fiction, many innovations are yet to be made, especially not yet comfortable in these popular virtual reality headsets. Anyway, some believe it and are already buying or reselling the virtual land.

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