Biden wants to open Guantanamo to refugees – again

U.S. officials are now soliciting tenders from private contractors to set up an immigration center on the U.S. naval base Guantanamo Bay. Defender.

The first migration center in Guantanamo opened in 1991 but closed during the Obama administration and has not been used since 2017.

The new relocation center will be located near the aforementioned prison where US suspects are being held on terrorism charges.

Authorities are now looking for a private contractor who would like to run a relocation center and hire unarmed security and maintenance personnel, the ad says. At least 10 percent of the staff can speak Spanish and Haitian Creole fluently.

The United States has increased the number of emissions

In the ad, officials write that the facility can accommodate up to 120 people, but can arrange temporary accommodation for up to 400 migrants.

Plans to reopen the refugee facility came after about 14,000 Haitian refugees recently crossed the U.S. border with Mexico.

Haiti is the poorest country on the American continent and during the summer President Jovnell Moss was assassinated and a major earthquake became highly unstable as it claimed thousands of lives.

During the week, the Biden administration increased the number of deportees to Haiti, which was criticized by human rights groups who believe the situation in the country is life-threatening for those deported, the Guardian writes.

Several photos and videos have been circulated this week, where U.S. Border Patrol will meet again with immigrants trying to cross the Rio Grande border. These events are now being investigated by US authorities.

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